Seniors have unique Medicare insurance needs. Bearing that in mind, we’ve hand-picked the dozens of insurance companies that we work with in order to best meet those needs.

Our team of licensed senior medical agents have access to dozens of carriers, meaning you can choose the plan that’s right for you. Need a hand deciding?

Medicare Supplements

Because Original Medicare coverage (Part A and Part B) has limitations, many people purchase supplemental insurance policies that are specifically designed to cover some of the gaps. Available to apply 365 days a year. These supplemental insurance policies, called “Medigap” or sometimes referred to as “Medicare Supplement” policies, are sold by private health insurance companies, not the federal government.

Medicare Advantage

Often referred to as Part C, a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA Plan) is an additional health plan choice offered to those eligible for Part A and Part B to provide additional coverage.

Depending on your eligibility, an MA Plan may provide benefits such as:

Dental Coverage • Vision Coverage • Caregiver Counseling and Training • Housekeeping • Prescription Drug Coverage

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